SIP 6200 Professional Booster 12/24v

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Part No: 07174

SIP 6200 Professional Booster

SIP 6200 Professional Booster

The SIP 6200 Professional Booster is a durable, Swiss-made booster built with reverse polarity protection, a mains fast charger, digital charger indicators, and a heavy-duty outer casing.

  • 12v/24v internal voltage, 2x 26Ah voltage

  • 6200A (12v) / 3100A (24v) boost peak rate

  • 1880A (12v) / 940A (24v) max. cranking rate

  • Voltage spike and reverse polarity protection

  • Heavy-duty charge leads and crocodile clips

  • Single integrated 12v DC output socket

  • Digital display charge rate indication

  • Complete with a mains fast charger

  • Can jump-start engines to 550hp!

  • Premium Swiss construction

SIP are machinery specialists, with our catalogue featuring welding, metalwork, air compressors and tools, battery chargers, lifting, heating, power, woodworking, and cleaning equipment.

Technical Description:



Internal Battery

12v / 24v

Battery Capacity

2x 26Ah

Boost Peak Rate

6200amp (12v)

3100amp (24v)

Cranking Rate

1880amp (12v)

940amp (24v)

Cable Diameter


Cabling Length

1.2 metres

Battery Warranty

12 months

Gross Weight


Packaged Dimensions

625 x 360 x 235mm