Hot Water Pressure Washer SIP PH600/140

£2,649.80 excluding VAT

Part No: 08941

Hot Water Pressure Washer SIP PH600/140


Hot Water Pressure Washer SIP PH600/140

Hot Water Pressure Washer SIP PH600/140

The new SIP PH600/140 Hot Pressure Washer heats water to 110°C, meaning it can easily handle film, debris and dirt.

It features a brass headed pump and a one-piece bodywork cover.

  • 230v (13amp) input supply

  • Electric-powered pressure washer

  • 2.2kW (3.0hp) 2800rpm 2-pole motor

  • 2030psi (140 bar) maximum pressure

  • 600 litres/hour maximum water flow rate

  • 110°C boiler-fired hot water temperature

  • 15 litre diesel fuel tank capacity for heater

  • 10 metre heavy-duty hose w/ rugged lance

  • Ultra heavy-duty axial brass-headed pump

  • One-piece body cover and folding handles

  • Mounted on rear wheels and front castor

  • Low pressure detergent suction

  • Reliable boiler safety features

  • Premium Italian construction

SIP offer an extensive range of electric, petrol, diesel, and gearbox-driven pressure washers designed for trade use,

through to heavy-duty machines built for industrial-grade applications.

Technical Description:



Input Supply

230v (13amp)

Motor Power

2200w (3.0hp)

2800rpm 2-pole

Max. Pressure

2030psi (140 bar)

Water Flow Rate

600 litres/hour

Pump Type

Axial plunger

Fuel Tank Size

15 litres

Hose Length

10 metres

Gross Weight


Packaged Dimensions

380 x 850 x 950mm