HOBBYWELD Oxygen 9-Litre Cylinder Rent Free, Gas Fill £45.00 Deposit £ 70.00

Rent Free welding gas cylinders

Deposit £70.00 Gas Fill £45.00

Part No: Oxygen 9 litre

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Oxygen 9-Litre Cylinder (137 bar)

Hobbyweld Oxygen 9 Litre Cylinders

Oxygen is commonly and traditionally used with a fuel gas (acetylene, propane) for cutting, welding, brazing and soldering.

This supports the combustion of these gases and enables a much higher flame temperature to be achieved in comparison with air.

Our oxygen cylinders are filled from a bulk tank which ensures optimum purity, a 1% reduction in purity can increase consumption of oxygen by 20% or more,

so you can see the benefits of a professionally filled gas bottle.

Height 840 mm

Diameter 160 mm

Weight 13.7 kg

Simply pay a one off, refundable* deposit and gas fill for your first cylinder,

keep it for as long as you need and then refill it as often or as little as you need. Easy!

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