Hardfacing Electrodes 600 3.2mm x 350mm 5kg

Magmaweld Electrodes Hardfacing 600 3.2mm x 350mm 5kg

Part No: 18006NREM2


Magmaweld Electrodes Hardfacing 600 3.2 mm x 350 mm 5 kg EH

Hardfacing Electrodes EH 360B 3.2mm x 350mm 5kg

Thick basic-covered electrode for depositing tough and wear resisting overlays on structural members subjected to severe wear.

It is particularly resistant to high meta-to-metal wear, moderate impact and abrasion.

The weld metal has sufficient red hardness up to +600°C.

It can be machined only by grinding.

Suitable hard-facing applications where wear resistance at higher temperatures is a prime concern, as in hot cut offs, dies for pressure castings, rolls, crushers excavator parts, bucket edges and bucket teeth, drilling bits, coal planes, conveyor screws.

Multi-layers deposits will be free of cracks, even without depositing intermediate buffer layers.

Only in case of very crack sensitive base metals, a tough buffer layer, made with ESB 40 or EI 307B electrodes, is required.

Preferred to use with DC, electrode in positive (+) pole and also possible to use with AC.


  • ER4043