ESAB 6013 Welding Rods 2.5mm 5kg 46.30

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ESAB 46.30 Welding Rods 2.5mm 5kg

part No ESAB6013-2.5

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ESAB 6013 Welding Rods 2.5mm 5kg 46.30

6013 MMA Welding rods 2.5mm 5kg 6013 are a good quality economical, general purpose rutile welding electrode.

Suitable for all welding positions uses include plate and pipe work and general fabrication.

Deposits smooth weld beads with easily detachable slag. Test certification available on request.

Supplied in 5KG packet with approx 277 rods. 350mm long.

Can be used on most Ark welding machines, Both AC and DC.

Quality ARC Welding rods